Our response to the government’s #PlasticFree

Our response to the government’s #PlasticFree

too little too late

Whilst any government sanctioned action regarding waste plastic comes as good news, unfortunately the new proposals announced by the government yesterday are simply “too little too late”.

We have a huge issue now and it is getting worse not better. The reality is that putting a sticking plaster over a gaping great wound is no solution, cure, treatment or plan!

Our European counterparts

The U.K. needs to catch up with our counterparts in Europe who are mainly 10 years ahead of us in terms of waste infrastructure. In terms of our Scandinavian cousins we are even further behind them as they are so good at recycling they actually import waste to burn as they clean recycle up to 99% of their own waste.

The U.K. waste infrastructure needs real investment and now, not in future decades.

Tax breaks, access to good funding solutions at competitive rates, tighter regulations on exports, grants, R&D help – basically these are the things that recycling companies in Europe have had for years!

The great stink

In Victorian times London kept putting off investment in the much needed sewage systems and parliament only finally came up with the money when MP’s physically could not put up with the stink from the Thames in the Houses of Parliament. (in 1858 a particularly warm summer exacerbated the sewage problem, creating what was entitled “the Great Stink”.)

Society, including individuals, civil servants and business is responsible for waste. Our elected government is responsible for building and maintaining a waste infrastructure. That infrastructure needs to include investment, education and regulation.

Perhaps when the Thames is covered in plastic and once again creates a political and physical “Great Stink”, just maybe then the real change needed will happen!

See the real picture

We believe that the issue is that our government and our MP’s do not see this problem at the true size that it really is. We are killing our planet one mineral water, or coffee cup at a time!

Waste is an inevitable part of society, negligence is not.