Coat Hangers

Moving coat hanger recycling forward

With coat hangers being a single use item, the need for coat hanger recycling by granulation and separation is paramount. We have a recycling line dedicated to the recycling of coat hangers and can process upwards of 5 million coat hangers per week on a single shift basis.

Our new new coat hanger recycling line has seen significant investment. This system is safe, fast and extremely efficient.

We Receive

300 Recycling Ltd are committed to repurposing the metal and plastic found in coat hangers. We receive bails of plastic coat hangers via articulated vehicles. We then weigh and unload them.

We Process

As innovators in recycling we have created a dedicated coat hanger recycling line. This line shreds and granulates the coat hangers and then separates the plastic and metal. This is then sent for reuse and repurposing.

We Ship

The granulated plastic is then shipped in large bulk bags for reuse right across the globe. The steel is separated and recovered and then sold to be melted down and reused right here in the UK.


Number of coat hangers processed daily


Number of coat hangers processed weekly


Current weekly capacity

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