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Toner Cartridge Recycling

To use our easy recycling service simply click Create account to set up an account. We will send you a bag to fill with spent toner cartridges, toner bottles, imaging units and drums and once it’s full (max weight 30 kg per bag) drop us a quick email or phone call and we’ll send you the correct documentation, collect your bag and recycle your consumables.

We can send you a recycling certificate with details of what we’ve recycled for you, which can help towards gaining and keeping environmental accreditation.

There is a charge of £30+VAT for this service because we fully recycle, and we don’t send anything to landfill.

Refilling is the first option for recycling toner cartridges. Unfortunately toner cartridges can only be refilled once. There are also brands that are unpopular, damaged cartridges, or old models of printer cartridges. Regardless of any of these factors, 300 Recycling can recycle your cartridges for you.

300 Recycling is one of the very few companies to offer a  recycling service for toner bottles and fusers . Once toner bottles are empty, they cannot be refilled or reused. Subsequently, many third party re-fillers do not collect them, resulting in a large proportion ending up on landfill sites. 300 Recycling is working with committed partners, both individuals and companies, to reduce the environmental impact of these materials.

Please beware that if your current collection is free for ALL your cartridges, ask what happens to the broken or unwanted cartridges. Many collectors ship these cartridges to third world countries where they are likely stripped for metals by children. This is NOT an illegal practice, however it is something we would like to highlight. All of our cartridge processing is in the UK and Europe.