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General Plastics Recycling

Here at 300 Recycling we are marching into another successful year of plastic recycling, with a wealth of experience behind us we continue to grow and develop at an impressive rate.

Our main facility is based in Cheshire UK where we process the majority of the plastics we receive in through our granulation and washing lines. We also have an onsite engineering division who build and develop our own machines. Our vision is to collaborate with companies to achieve closed loop recycling and to combat the on-going problem of landfill.

Plastic we recycle

300 recycling buy in various plastics for processing:

1 PET (Polyethylene) - Through our wash line, we process PET flakes brought into us from UK bottle collection points. We separate out contamination such as labels and caps to produce 80/20 and Jazz grade hot washed and dried PET flakes.

2 HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)  - We use the same process for washing HDPE milk bottle flakes as we do for our PET, we also buy in various types of rigid HDPE plastic for granulation like wheelie bins, pallets, IBC’s and drums.

3 PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) - Any PVC separated or collected through our process is sold on to our partners for reprocessing.

4 LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) - Any LDPE separated through our process is baled and sold on to our partners for reprocessing.

5 PP (polypropylene) - We buy in various grades of PP for granulation and washing from buckets and trays to coat hanger recycling.

6 PS (polystyrene) - The majority of PS that we process comes from coat hangers which buy in large volumes, this is granulated down and we use a magnetic separation system to remove the metals.